Carl Muir

Carl is the founder of Coromandel Goodness. He has spent the last fourteen years promoting the Coromandel in various forms. First working for Tourism Coromandel (now Destination Coromandel), founding the Whitianga Scallop Festival and then in his own tourism business Epic Adventures which he founded. Carl now runs a business coaching company called Zoned In helping Coromandel business owners thrive in business, and in his spare time takes people fishing on his charter boat PROVIDER.  Carl is passionate about life on the Coromandel and his vision for Coromandel Goodness is to showcase what an amazing place the Coromandel it is to live, work and play. "There's nowhere else I'd rather be" reckons Carl. Carl's reasonably handy in writing a story himself but will leave most of it to those that really spin a good yarn......

Emma Darragh

Emma Darragh is happiest in the heart of a good story.  She spent the past eight years working as Tairua’s Community Librarian, captivating an audience with story, serving her community and getting to know people of all ages.  The experience motivated Emma to move beyond the library to write and share the extraordinary stories of everyday people and community organisations. 

She has a passion for creativity, health, and unified communities, and believes the three are inextricably linked.  Through her professional writing service; Words to the Wise, Emma uses the practice of storytelling to share positive and inspiring stories of individuals, groups and social organisations across the country.  She is inspired by those who are striving to improve the wellbeing of their world and hopes to help them tell their stories.

Emma lives in a cabin in the bush in Tairua, Coromandel Peninsula, with her sons Ziggy and Sollie.  She has lived in Tairua since 2003 and has no plans to leave.  Ever.



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